All about Keppel Harbor

Based in Singapore between the southern Islands and the main land of PlauBrani and Sentosa is Keppel Harbor, commonly known as Keppel Channel.

From early in 13th century, the water way in Keppel Bay was used as a passage for ships sailing from the Malacca to the South China Sea.

Established by the British colonists, Keppel Harbor is naturally sheltered and has deep waters. The settlers found it suitable for establishing a Far East maritime colony. That, therefore, set the stage for the formation of the present Singapore as an independent state.

Major-Gen William Farquhar who was the first British resident and commandant of the colonial Singapore discovered this harbor.

Cpt. Henry Keppel discovered this sheltered deep water harbor in 1848. The meanders were first carried out on the port- commonly known as the New Harbor.

That name lasted until the year 1900. The name ‘Keppel Harbor’ was given by the then Acting governor of Singapore In when the then Admiral Keppel came visiting at the age of 92years.

The developments that began in the mid-19th century have led to a significant transformation of this harbor.

A cable links Keppel Island, and mainland stayed bridge, the Keppel Bay Bridge which is 250metres long.

On the other side of the Caribbean is two other smaller plots for the condominium. Corals condominium located near the Caribbean adjacent to the King’s dock and the other joint venture with the maple tree.

Found in Keppel Bay are Singapore’s oldest docks; commonly known as Dock no. 1 was built in 1859. Dock o. 2 was constructed in 1867 and is today one of the water channels I the Caribbean architecture at Keppel Bay. The second largest King’s dock was opened in the year 1913 under the modernization program of the century.

The Queen’s dock was opened in 1956, and this is the water channel lying between the Caribbean at Keppel Bay and its reflections, and that is actually a contrast between the site of Reflections by Keppel Bay Condo that is there today.

The Keppel Bay shares Singapore’s story of development. In 1963, the year Singapore got independence, the same year the port of Singapore Authority was formed. In 1968, the Singapore Dry-docks company was formed, taking over from the PSA; the same year the name of the enterprise was changed to Keppel Shipyard Company Limited. The first yard of Keppel Shipyard in Telok Blangah occupied the now Caribbean at Keppel Bay, Reflections at Keppel Bay and across the bridge, Keppel Island. One of the world’s leading offshores holding more than 20 yards; the Keppel Shipyard is part of the Keppel offshore and marine.

Keppel harbor was the target of the operation in 1943; this was during the Japanese occupation; this is known to be one of the most successful commando raids in world war 11. In this operation, three merchant ships were sunk and resulted in the death of all the commandos.

HMS Sussex and other leaders of the 5th Indian division became the first allied forces to return to Keppel Harbor in September 1945. The landing of these troops was coordinated by senior Japanese officials, beginning the reoccupation of Singapore.

Keppel Harbor is one of the world’s busiest ports, and a large part of it has been transformed into recreational destinations.