Why you should hire an interior designer

An interior designer is something most people think they don’t need, trust me I was there. When a friend of mine finally convinced me to hire her, I was rather surprised. The first thing I realized was the amount of money I was saving. Gloria at singaporeinteriordesigns.com seemed to know where all the deals were so not only was she saving me money, I was saving the time of being not being the person hunting for these deals. After a few weeks went by I was sitting down to meet with the architect I left the meeting very frustrated as we did not speak the same language. I remember saying this to Gloria and her laughing at me, with this odd smirk almost if to say “I told you so.” I then said to Gloria what I wanted in nothing more than the English language, and she called the architect on my behalf and spoke to him in his tongue, and this all went off without a hitch.

One of the other things I learned once all done and moved into my new home, Gloria is a story teller. The art work, colors, and furniture in each room told a story of the type of people who lived in this house. Gloria set a tone for each room that went with it.

The family room had all kinds of art work quoting family, picture frames filled with photos. The kitchen was well lighted beautiful color and some art work made from dishes and utensils.

We had a conversation about a two months before moving in, and my wife told Gloria on request what colors she didn’t like. Gloria worked around that, and I say it is some of the most stunning work I have seen. Everything in the house was custom tailored to our wants and needs, but at the same time followed in some form of fabulous pattern that just screams out love when you walk in.

It was funny, after discussing what we wanted with Gloria, she set off to get everything working and set up for my family and I. My wife could not believe it when she had finally seen what Gloria did.

I would suggest this to anyone. I do not think it costs much more than doing it yourself, even with Gloria being a friend of mine everything was done by her firm’s standards and invoiced to me, Looking it over, I honestly do not think I could have done any better.

My home looks great; The bill looks great, and anytime we have people over we have nothing to be embarrassed by.

If you are ever in doubt on if you should hire a specialist to remodel or design your home, make the right move and hire your own Gloria. You will not regret it at all.

To be honest, the best part was not having to lift a finger. Besides the few meetings over coffee and talking about our wants, Gloria handled everything.